Worship at Old St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Old St. Paul's offers a worship service at 10:00.  You may attend in person, listen from the parking lot, or watch it on facebook live at 10:00am.  You may also listen to the radio broadcast at 11:30am on 101.3 FM or 1230 AM.

Holy Communion:
Word and Sacraments

Holy Communion has been the principal act of Christian worship since New Testament times.  The Lutheran Reformation did not break with this ancient tradition of a millennium and a half, and the Augsburg Confession declares the Holy Communion to be theh chief act of worship for Lutherans on Sundays and festivals.


Holy Communion is not spectator based, but is all about participation.  Holy Communion is not about entertainment or performance.  Holy Communion is singing, praying, standing, and kneeling.  Holy communion is both receiving and giving.  The word liturgy means the "work of the people".  During Holy Communion, words are used to express prayers, to proclaim God's Word and to sing hymns.  Words do matter.  However, Holy Communion is not exclusively limited to words.   Holy Communion is also sensory.  Holy Communion involves the use of liturgical arts such as paraments, stained glass, and of course music.  In addition, Holy Communion involves smelling, tasting, and touching as one receives the Sacraments.


What are the sacraments?  Luther suggested that sacraments are those things that Jesus commanded us to do.  Sacramanets involve a physical element - something that can be seen, smelled, touched and sometimes tasted.  Sacraments are always connected to God's spoken Word as one practices faith, one hears with words, but also experiences the word through Holy Baptism, Remembrance of Baptism, and through partaking of the Lord's Supper (also known as Eucharist and the Sacrament of the Altar).  God is encountered in both Word (preaching, song, and prayer) and Sacrament (Holy Baptism and Holy Communion).

The Lord's Supper at Old St. Paul's

The Lord's Supper is offered at every service of Holy Communion.  On the first Sunday of each month, the bread will be offered on the floor level, along with the small, individual communion cups.  Individual cups will also be offered at the altar/communion table.  On other Sundays, the bread will be offered on the floor level to each communicant, along with a chalice that one may dip into the cup.  The sacrament is offered in its fullness, even if one partakes of only the bread.  Gluten free bread is also available each Sunday where the piano is located.  On Sundays when communion is only offered on the floor level, the communion rail is abailable for prayer after receiving Eucharist. 

Holy Baptism

Holy Baptism is available at any time during the year, but is most appropriate on Sundays whose focus pertains to the Lord's dying and rising.  These Sundays include the entire Easter Season, All Saints Sunday, the Sunday of the Baptism of our Lord, and Transfiguration Sunday.  Occasionally, there will be oppportunities for the Affirmation of Baptism and Thanksgiving for Baptism.  On such Sundays, occasionally the Patstor and Assisting Minister may sprinkle water over members of the congregation, as a reminder that we are "walking wet" in God's grace.  Baptism is never a private affair, and always involves the greater community, who are also asked to make promises to support the person being baptized.